Our Success

Kristina Duff and Hilary Goldberg (AttaGirl’s founders) personally host each workshop, frequently with the help of Inanna Bantu, celebrity stylist. As a group, we have been fortunate to encounter some strong and beautiful women as they propel themselves toward their dreams and goals. Below are some comments participants have made about the impact of AttaGirl’s workshops and activities:

“Thank you so much for your kindness, generous nature and candor. Self esteem is key to rebuilding your life following domestic violence. You gave us wonderful suggestions and valuable “tricks of the trade.” I know you will continue to support and inspire women of all backgrounds and walks of life in the experience we call life.”

“Dear Ladies,
Thank you so much for giving of your time and selves to come and give us pointers and do demos on makeup for all of us. I had such a great time, and it made me feel really good about myself. Thank you, too, for the lovely goodie bag we all received. What a special treat!!!!
May the Lord reward you for your generosity”

“Thank you for bringing your special talents and gifts to us, for sharing your “inner beauty” with all of us. We appreciate the gifts of self that you so generously give. You’ve helped us to see that our “inner beauty” should radiate forth!
With heartfelt appreciation”

“Just wanted to five all you guys thanks for all the great tips and gifts for us. Much appreciated”

“Thank you for all the time that you have given us. I really appreciate the help and advice you have given me”

“You are all beautiful women both inside and out! God Bless and reward you for your generous hearts”

“Thank for your wonderful information! you are a beautiful lady!”

“Thank you for everything you have done for me!”

“Thank you for all the joy!”

“Thank you for all the makeup tips! It was very helpful!”

“God bless you for all your help”

“Thank you very much for this great day that you dedicate to us!”

“Thank you for all your tips and the work you put in”

“Thank you and God bless you! We really appreciated your heart and giving so much for us!”

*Names have not been listed to protect the identities of the women we serve. Domestic Violence survivors are frequently protected by restraining orders, and AttaGirl takes every precaution to maintain their confidentiality.

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